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How We Support in Australia

You can contact us via phone or chat, the details of which are:

Chat and You can discuss the problem you are facing with us over the phone or chat. Whenever you send us an electronic mail or chat please have your customer number ready or quote that in your communication. Once you connect with our certified technicians will try and solve the problem over these medium.

Remote Desktop

If you are not comfortable implementing the commands you can ask for a remote control of your desktop which can be passive and active, in case of passive control we would see your desktop and guide you how to move the mouse and the commands to carry out. In case you are comfortable with us taking full control of your PC we would take the same over the remote desktop session and solve the problem for you.


We assure that the service is fully secure in case of remote desktop support. We recommend that you are online and on call with our technicians while we are working on the remote desktop technicians. You can see the movement of mouse and the commands we enter, we never need to copy any kind of data from your machines to ours. We would also recommend that you do not relay the passwords to the Technical support and enter the same as and when prompted by our technicians. We never store your credit card numbers and codes, you are requested never to relay your credit card numbers to our technicians, we do not need it to solve your computer problems. If someone asks you for the same under the name of our organization.

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